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Siloxia is a silica-based platform technology that opens up many possibilities for an increased
API and formulation performance. Mesoporous silica is a very versatile product that can be
used in a large number of applications such as API carrier, SEDDS systems, suspensions,
moisture protection, controlled release and process related parameters like tableting glidant
and disintegration aid. It can be applied for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic API’s.

Especially in cases where the API faces certain limitations like lipid nature, liquisolid, oil, poly-
morphic changes, limited solubility or instability, silica can be a straight-forward solution to
overcome these challenges.

Mesoporous silica consist of small particles containing predefined pores creating a very large
surface area in which the API can be absorbed. Solvent impregnation is a well-known
technique to incorporate API in silica pores, Siloxia also offers the possibility to load pores
without the use of solvents by using a dry loading technology.

Safe, robust and stable pharmaceutical products

Siloxia offers fast and flexible hands-on solutions and troubleshooting services for pharmaceutical drug companies that are facing challenges like:

- API morphology Excipient characterization
- API stability
- API solubility
- API availability
- Moisture protection
- Tabletting aid
- Controlled release
- and so on...

Siloxia would be happy to learn more about your questions, please feel free to contact us.

Let’s absorb your challenges ! Pharmaceutical Silica Platfrom Pharmaceutical Silica Platfrom Pharmaceutical Silica Platfrom Pharmaceutical Silica Platfrom

Siloxia, a division of Avivia BV

Siloxia as dedicated silica knowledge platform is a division of Avivia BV, a Dutch independent specialized pharmaceutical development company that operates a hybrid business model combining CRO service activities with internal product development programs. The other complementary platforms of Avivia are Pharmaceutical R&D, Analytical R&D, and Biorelevant Dissolution Testing. For more information about Avivia and its pharmaceutical development CRO services, please visit the Avivia website.
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